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Psychometric Assessments for All

We host one of the widest ranges of psychometric assessments available.

Our psychometric assessments measure emotional intelligence, ability, personality and motivation.


They provide very powerful insights into why people behave in the way they do, especially when combined with other people-related data.


They are ideal for a one-off or annual development initiative, or as part of a wider initiative. For example, our ability and personality assessments are valuable tools to determine how suitable a candidate is for a role, while motivation assessments help to identify how suitable the role is for the candidate.

Our Psychometric Assessment Suite

We host assessments from all the top publishers as well as our own.


Each one is easy to complete, ready to go and can be adapted to be in your organisations's brand. They are all delivered online, so you can manage them in-house using our secure administration platform or we can manage the project for you.

We know there's a lot to choose from and deciding which are right for you can be difficult. Here are some tips to help when choosing.

Personality Assessments

Measuring and understanding an individual’s character traits and types

Ability Assessments

Measuring an individual’s intellectual and reasoning abilities 

Motivation Assessments

Understanding the environment, tasks and activities which encourage individuals to thrive

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Our Assessment Providers

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Need help delivering the feedback?
Talk to us about our one-day training courses or direct coached feedback sessions. 

We can provide
  • Consultancy support

  • Online personality assessments

  • Online motivation assessments

  • Online ability assessments

  • Branding and customisation if required

  • Safe and secure technology platform

  • Project support

  • Multiple language options

  • Online results and reporting

  • Support and direct coaching feedback

Personality Psychometric Assessments

Understand your people, how they work and interact, and what work suits their personalities. 


Our personality psychometrics measure character traits and types.


Some of our assessments reveal areas of strength and interpersonal tendencies that can cause problems, while others identify the ‘darker’ side of our personalities. This can be really useful as identifying how our behaviours may change under stress. 

With so many different models of personality and report outputs available, we prefer to start with some good conversations.


It helps us both to understand which options are right for you and your people, including how you'd like to get and use the results.


Because when your people feel valued, they're more motivated, driven to succeed and remain in the business for longer.

Our range of personality assessments includes:

Motivation Psychometric Assessments

Enabling people to thrive at work.

When you take the time to understand someone's motivation, you'll have greater insights into what inspires them and what they need from their role to not just succeed but to truly bring our their best.

Motivation psychometric assessments are an ideal pairing with ability assessments when it comes to recruitment. They can help you to better understand how well a candidate is best suited to the role, based on their fit with your organisational culture and the role's tasks and responsibilities.

For your current people, motivation assessments can be a great opportunity to trigger valuable conversations for career planning and ongoing development actions.


Our range of motivation tools includes:

Ability Psychometric Assessments

Recruit and select candidates with the right know-how and skills.


Ability assessments measure a wide range of knowledge and skills, and are regularly used to  support recruitment programmes.


Our ability and aptitude psychometrics measure mental aptitude and skills, using: 

  • Critical reasoning

  • Verbal reasoning

  • Numerical reasoning

  • Abstract/logical reasoning

  • Mechanical reasoning

  • Spatial reasoning

  • Essential business skills (such as reading comprehension or software competence)

  • Job specific assessments (such as sales or customer service specific assessments)

The assessments and tests we use include:


HR Director

Pharmaceutics Sector

"We rely on GFB for all our 360 and employee feedback surveying. They have managed these services for 8000 employees in thirteen languages for three years.
Their service is excellent, they have proactively developed both services to meet the changing needs of our organisation over the three years that they have worked with us. Their service team is always one step ahead of us providing us with clear guidance about how to make the service more cost effective, value added and state of the art."
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