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Schroder High Performance Management Competency Framework

Behind every solution and service that GFB offer is the belief that insights and information should be provided that can be utilised to drive actions that lead to improved performance. A key driver of improved performance is ensuring that the capability of the organisation is continually developing - it is imperative in order to stay competitive. This prompts a number of questions:

  • What capability needs to be developed?

  • How do we know what ‘good’ looks like?

  • Once we know what needs developing how do we actually do that?

  • How will we know when we’ve achieved our goals?

GFB are experts in helping organisations to maximise their people capability and answer those questions. Behind that expertise is a deep knowledge and understanding of what good looks like from a behavioural perspective as well as being really experienced in helping individuals and organisations change and develop behaviours.

GFB recommends a behavioural competency framework known as the Schroder High Performance Management Competency (HPMC) framework. The framework is a highly robust and recognised behavioural framework, backed by empirical research that confirms that it can differentiate between high and average performing individuals and organisations. It tells us what capability needs to be developed and what ‘good’ looks like and in turn provides clear guidance on how to develop and do things differently so that development can be monitored and success celebrated.

The framework

The framework consists of 11 behaviours which have been linked with high performance in leaders and managers at all levels and in many different industry sectors. The 11 behaviours span cognitive, interpersonal, directional and achieving dimensions of leadership which complement technical competencies and other measures of individual differences. Each behaviour is further defined by five levels. These range from negative use of the behaviour at level one, to an inspirational use of the behaviour at level five at which an individual is embedding a culture which supports and encourages others to use this behaviour within the organisation. In between are levels that an individual at any level of an organisation will utilise in their day to day working life.

The cognitive, interpersonal, directional and achieving dimensions translate into four clusters:

The 4 areasof the Schroder framework - Thinks, Involves, Inspires, Achieves
A strengths-based approach

The Schroder Competencies Framework recognises that every individual has their own unique pattern of strengths and an individual’s capability is defined by the four or five behaviours within the framework at which they excel. In addition, the goal is that the individual will have no limitations. That is, they will not demonstrate negative use of the behaviours. Their impact on the organisation is positive at all times.

All 11 behaviours of the Schroder framework with a brief description of each.
Why use the framework?


In addition to the benefits that a standardised competency framework can bring, the Schroder HPMC framework has the following benefits as it is:

  • Empirically researched and proved to be reliable and valid

  • Applicable to all levels of seniority and across all sectors

  • Complements pre-existing technical frameworks

  • Directly links to a number of Getfeedback off-the-shelf tools that can quickly enable the organisation to start developing capability.

Organisation’s we have worked that have used the framework have found the following benefits:

  • Employee objectives that utilise the framework provide clarity on not just the goal, but how to perform in order to achieve those goals

  • Links between organisational and personal objectives are transparent and motivating

  • Appraisal and recruitment processes are standardised, more reliable, accurate, and fairer

  • Performance discussions between manager and individual are of better quality as a result of a shared understanding of what behaviours are valued by the organisation

  • Immediate understanding of how individuals and teams can improve their performance

  • Provide a clear picture of what ‘good’ looks like and a structure within which roles can be defined and levelled

How can GFB help you?

Implementing a robust and recognised behavioural framework

GFB helps small and large organisations:

  • Introduce or upgrade a competency framework to support their people processes: recruitment, development, performance management...

  • Align competencies with the strategic direction of the organisation

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of employees, tailoring the competency model accordingly

  • Measure and differentiate performance levels

When introducing or adapting the Schroder framework to your organisation, our consultants will work closely with your teams and involve your people. This ensures that the competencies are fully understood, accepted and embedded within your organisation.

Evaluating and building the effectiveness of employees


GFB offer a range of services that can help an organisation to understand the effectiveness of their employees. All of the services provide a launch pad for the organisation and the employee to develop and become more effective.

  • Our Leader, Manager and Individual Contributor 360º feedback surveys have been designed around the Schroder HPMC. For the individual, they provide insight that leads to greater personal career success, whilst the organisation finds out about any gaps that need addressing through support or bringing in new talent.

  • GFB’s assessment and development centres provide rich data on which to base recruitment and succession planning decisions. They provide a challenging experience for individual’s that enable them to learn and grow.

  • The MyStrength self-assessment tool provides a quick and informative view of how an individual typically behaves. It’s been designed to provide development advice, tailored to the individual.

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We can provide
  • Consultancy support

  • Online employee engagement surveys

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  • Online ability assessments

  • Branding and customisation if required

  • Safe and secure technology platform

  • Project support

  • Multiple language options

  • Online results and reporting

  • Results are totally anonymous

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