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Looking to create a culture change?

Our people are facilitation experts

Responsible for people?
We’re the people for you.

We'll help your people to think like a change leader.

We facilitate leadership teams who want to develop new and robust business strategies. 

Using a a structured approach to how teams think, we spend time on the issues and take an inclusive approach to thought and idea contribution.


Our methodology includes gaining a better understanding of the team's individual and group dynamics and behaviours, as well as taking into account the broader range of information and experiences.


This ensures that we build a culture of openness, trust and shared accountability, allowing the team to explore and develop opportunities for new ways of working.

We can support leadership teams who would benefit from consultancy and facilitation with:

  • Improving or formulating a new strategy

  • Working through ethical issues and dilemmas

  • Improving leadership capacity

  • Working through conflict

  • Transitioning in to a new role or making a career move

  • Leading through change

  • Developing excellence in business partnering


Head of People
Retail Sector

"We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of people focused business practice. Everything we do, from our environmental impact studies to harnessing new technologies for the recruitment of the best managers, is driven by our desire to perform very high performance criteria that benefit our customers and our people. It is for this reason that we need a partner like GFB that can demonstrate expert knowledge and integrity coupled with the best technological solutions available today."
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