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Need help identifying and developing your leaders?

We’ll support you to find and grow your leadership talent

Leadership development needs honest conversations.
Honest conversations need objective data.

Once you establish what ‘good leadership’ looks like, it's easier to find and grow your leaders for today and tomorrow. 


Using a mix of consultancy interviews, profiling assessments and technology, we'll help you truly get to know your current and prospective talent; their motivations, behaviours and ambitions. 

The compelling objective data and meaningful insights these tools give us, makes it much easier to have honest conversations about personal leadership strengths and development areas. 

If required, we are then well placed to help you build and deliver the right organisational and individual leadership development programmes.

How can we help?

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Strength based leadership approach

See a real return from a focus on strengths

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Leadership dimensions questionnaire

Understand and develop emotional intelligence

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Coaching & development

Create successful leaders

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Leadership assessment

Select the right senior executives

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Development centres

Online assessments and consultancy

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Business Partnering

Never before has collaboration been so critical to success

Our Leadership Services

We'll help you get up and running quickly and efficiently

We can provide
  • Personal experience in board, executive and/or non-executive roles

  • Proven assessment processes and expertise

  • Accredited coaches

  • Expertise in ethical issues and dilemmas, setting strategy, role transitioning and workplace conflict

  • Consultancy support

  • Expertise in working with over 500 leaders

  • Project support

  • Unique leadership questionnaire

  • Wide range of assessment tools

  • Multiple language options

  • Bespoke programme development

  • Bespoke results feedback and reporting

  • Safe and secure technology platform

Strength Based Leadership Approach

Successful leaders have self-awareness


Successful leaders can have very different skills, personalities and behaviours but they do share a common trait - self-awareness.


Because when you understand where and how to play to your different strengths, you can get the best from those around you and successfully lead the organisation forward. 

We'll give your leaders the space, time and opportunity to reflect on their current strengths and competencies. This includes interviews and online questionnaires, based on the well validated Schroder model of high performance.


Our coaching and assessment results feedback will then enable them to progress and develop their leadership skills. And if required, we can provide ongoing support for as long as you need.

Our team coaching approach is particularly effective when teams are required to lead mergers, management buy-outs or other major organisational re-structures.

Leadership Dimensions Questionnaire

Employees are much less likely to leave a job when they have an emotionally intelligent leader.

Our unique Leadership Dimensions Questionnaire takes the original emotional intelligence model one step further, by encompassing; personal enablers, interpersonal enablers, drivers and constrainers.

The questionnaire is suitable for a wide range of different leaders. It generally takes participants only 20-25 minutes to complete and provides a good indication of the leadership style an individual is likely to exhibit based on his or her responses to the questionnaire.

We can then gain valuable insights into how your leaders are likely to behave in given situations, when the results are compared with the most effective leadership style for that scenario.

The questionnaire conforms to BPS and American Psychological Association guidelines and is recommended by the OPQ. 

Coaching & Development

To become expert in anything requires 'purposeful practice'. 


Our coaching and development programmes are designed around your business.


We'll use a combination of consultancy and behavioural, emotional and motivational assessments to give you the objective data and insights you need, to successfully develop your current and next generation of leaders.

Together, we can help them to truly think and behave like leaders - using their strengths and skills to deliver better outcomes for the business and your people.

We can also support Executive Teams with coaching. This enables the team to develop deeper insights into their personal and group capability and is especially recommended for projects involving substantial organisational change.

Leadership Assessment

Understand your leaders' strengths, preferences and abilities.

Our Leadership Assessment journey follows a simple 5-stage process, adapted to suit your requirements. Using best practice and well validated research, it's an approach that works equally well for one role with multiple candidates, or multiple roles.

  1. Explores role mapping prior to the individual assessment

  2. Uses virtual assessments to establish behaviours, competencies, personality, motivational preferences; and cognitive ability 

  3. Provides a detailed report and feedback, highlighting strengths and potential areas for development with traffic light indicators in each capability

  4. A virtual meeting with the recruitment team or hiring manager to discuss candidate strengths and risks based on psychometric assessments and BEI outputs

  5. Optional coaching feedback on interview and psychometrics to support transition into role or development for candidates who were unsuccessful 

Development Centres

You can make the right choices more easily when you see leaders performing in a variety of different, realistic work situations.

Our virtual assessment centres provide powerful insights above and beyond the information you gain from interviews and psychometric tests.


They can dramatically improve executive hire rate accuracy and enable you to identify the leaders of the future.


Our assessment centres can be tailored to tailored to your business, culture and industry using business simulations specifically aligned to what a successful candidate will be asked to do in the role. These can be invaluable for recruiting candidates with critical skills for example.

Developing excellence in Business Partnering

GFB's approach to collaborative partners has been designed to help individuals move to a strategic collaborative role context in which they operate.

Commercial research undertaken by GFB has identified a hunger from leaders for targeted development in this area. Two key elements were described as key to improving collaboration and business partnering:

  • A strategic approach to relationships working on and in 'the business partner' relationship

  • Commercial curiosity and strategic thinking

In response to the research findings GFB, in collaboration with the clients involved in the research have designed an innovative partnering programme which challenges current thinking and practice on business partnering and collaboration. The programme focusses on developing the skills and behaviours of how to build strong relationships with key stakeholders, and how to contribute to and collaborate with key stakeholders.

Leaders will develop the behaviours of how to build trust, how to influence, how to challenge by taking different approaches with different people and in different situations; how to develop strategic thinking to add real leadership in the board room. By developing these high level behaviours the emphasis of the programme is on not just What to do, but How to do it.

The programme is unique in its focus 'on and in the partnership relationship' and on collaboration behaviours with the result that leaders are supported to develop a different mindset and approach to collaboration and business partnership.

Talent Manager

Communications Sector

"We use GFB for profiling leadership traits and in recruitment.
As they are product agnostic, we have lots of choice, which is a big plus."
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