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Responsible for finding and developing talent?

We’re the people for you

Unlock your peoples’ potential.

Identifying and developing talent is so much easier when you truly understand your people.


Our leadership and talent development services include a wide range of consultancy and tools to help your future leaders and business succeed.


When you use the right tools and techniques, you'll get the objective data and insights you need.


And we'll help you every step of the way with first-class assessments, guidance, service and technology.

How can we help?

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Coaching & development

Working with leaders and teams

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Development centres

Identifying the most suitable candidates

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Building high performing teams

Team facilitation and support

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Competency frameworks

Past behaviour is the best predictor of future performance

Our Talent Development Services

We'll help you get up and running quickly and efficiently

We can provide
  • Accredited coaches

  • Proven assessment processes and expertise

  • Expertise in ethical issues and dilemmas, setting strategy, role transitioning and workplace conflict

  • Workplace simulation exercises

  • Consultancy support

  • Project support

  • Wide range of assessment tools

  • Personality and motivation assessments

  • Situational judgement assessments

  • Multiple language options

  • Ability assessments

  • Workplace simulation exercises

  • Coaching and feedback

  • Development planning

  • Safe and secure technology platform

Coaching & Development

Changing an organisation requires its leaders to become masters of changing themselves too. 

People learn much more about leading change from experience than they can from any lecture. That's why we are passionate about giving them opportunities for performance improvement.

Our coaching and development programmes are designed to enable people to build on their strengths and improve their performance.


We use different tools and techniques to encourage new and creative thinking. This enables executives to think and behave like better leaders, and teams to understand how to work more productively together.

Our team coaching approach is particularly effective when teams are required to lead mergers, management buy-outs or other major organisational re-structures.

Building High Performance Teams

See your talent pool in action

It’s so much easier to identify and develop talent with quality objective people data. And it's even more effective when you can gather that data in the most meaningful way - this is, when your people are assessed in different work-related situations.

Using virtual or onsite development centres, our 360 feedback and psychometric profiling solutions  provide the right 'people' data, which makes all the difference to a successful development programme. 

And our coaching and behaviour interview sessions are just as highly-valued. At the end of the assessment sessions, we give feedback to both the individuals and their management.


And if you need additional support, we can deliver further coaching, skills development courses or facilitated workshops. 

Development Centres

Help your teams understand each other and work together better

When teams work well together, they don't just 'get more stuff done', they do it better, are more likely to stay in their roles longer and feel more valued.

There's isn't a magic bullet to building a high-performing team but our experience in psychology and psychometric profiling works wonders. 


It means we can develop a programme that's right for your organisation and your people. Using the results from assessment data, we'll facilitate your teams on their journey of self-discovery towards high performance.

Competency Frameworks

Help your teams understand each other and work together better

Competency frameworks provide individuals with a map or indication of the behaviours that will be valued, recognised and in some organisations, rewarded.

At GFB we believe competency assessment is a key business performance metric used to measure the capability of your organisation. GFB is a leader in behavioural competency frameworks and our success in this field is largely down to our expertise in helping organisations implement a high performance leadership framework.

Developing a Competency Framework

Many organisations have successfully developed competency frameworks. They have taken time to fully understand the business objectives and the different roles within the organisation. This is achieved through behavioural interviews and observing high achievers. It’s a time rich process, that typically requires specialist skills to ensure that the competency framework really does work. Often organisations bring in those specialists either in an interim role, on a consultancy basis, or they decide to upskill their learning and development teams.

What is the business benefit of using behavioural competency frameworks?

Quite simply, a well-designed and relevant competency framework can improve business performance because they articulate what ‘good’ looks like. They provide a means to assess existing capability as well as improving the validity and accuracy of the recruitment process, reducing hiring costs and turnover rates as new starters have better fit with the organisation. They enable effective succession and capability planning so that development interventions can be targeted at the right people to develop the right behaviours for the business. They enable managers to add greater value by providing a framework which enables the effective to measuring and monitoring of performance so that they can provide constructive feedback and support to their team.


The framework we recommend, if our clients do not have an existing one, is the Schroder High Performance Managerial Competencies (HPMC) framework. It is one of the most validated frameworks available and is scientifically proven to produce higher business performance. We have also worked with organisations’ existing frameworks and have created more bespoke competencies.

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