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Service Levels

  • GFB will endeavour to issue any tests for which requests have been received before 16:00 UK time.

  • The Client must respond to any information requests, so that GFB can provide the Services. This information will include but is not limited to the test needed, recipient email address and name, project dates, and any required communications.

  • GFB's support desk is open from 9:00-17:00 UK time Monday-Friday excluding UK holidays. Support is provided in English via telephone on +44 (0) 333 090 2150,

  • If needed GFB can provide response tracking links for 24 hour live reporting.

  • Assessment reports will be delivered via email in PDF format to a central point of contact unless otherwise agreed. Complex report distribution may incur additional administration cost. 360 feedback and group reports will be generated once only and any changes to data or rerunning of reports will incur an additional charge which GFB will then confirm to the Client.

  • Detailed breakdown and analysis of data will be provided at additional cost and time which GFB will then confirm to the Client.

  • For self-service systems access it is anticipated that the Client will set up tests, generate reports and provide first line support for Client projects. Technical queries can be escalated to GFB support team at +44 (0)333 090 2150. Completion and project queries should be handled by the Client.

  • GFB reserves the right to discontinue any bespoke tools which have not been used by the client for a period of 36 months.

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