GFB provide a full-service assessment platform for some of the leading global test publishers and leadership consultancies.

The platform can manage any number of needs from simply hosting your organisation assessments, to creating a bespoke platform tailored to your needs. The platform is fully compatible with HR XML and has been integrated with various applicant tracking systems, assessments platforms and learning management systems, meaning we can work around exactly what you need.

The GFB platform is integratable, flexible and can be completely bespoke for your organisation.

Assessment technology

Engagement assessments, 360 Degree Feedback, Psychometrics: Designing questions for assessments using robust and validated frameworks, building and hosting assessments and remote assessment centres on our secure platform with direct access for your organisation.

Platform technology

The access to the widest range of psychometrics, 360 degree feedback surveys, employee engagement surveys: From direct access to the platform to your own full service bespoke platform built for your organisation, integratable with a range of HR XML, ATS systems and learning management systems.

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