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Finding it hard to select the right candidates?

We’re the people who make it easy

For extraordinary recruitment.
You need extraordinary insights.

From graduate recruitment to executive search, we can help you establish what ‘good’ looks like and identify how to find it.

Thanks to the unique blend of our consultancy, profiling assessments and technology, we make it easier to recruit the right people, more quickly and, more objectively.


That's because our methods help to reduce personal bias and improve the accuracy of your recruitment, making the whole process less subjective and more effective.

How can we help?

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Volume recruitment

Applicant management and selection

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Graduate & early career recruitment

Identify the most suitable candidates

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Leadership assessments

Select the right senior executives

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Assessment centres

Online assessments and consultancy

Our Recruitment Services

We'll help you get up and running quickly and efficiently

We can provide
  • Applicant screening

  • Role profiling

  • Proven assessment processes and expertise

  • Consultancy support

  • Project support

  • Wide range of assessment tools

  • Multiple language options

  • Bespoke reporting

  • Coaching and feedback

  • Safe and secure technology platform

High Volume Recruitment

Recruitment can be a challenge when you have many people to review and so much data to process.

We can help you ensure each candidate is processed accurately and objectively, from beginning to end. This helps you to find the best candidates quickly and efficiently, as well as giving everyone a positive experience.

Our online assessment system can measure and store details on some or all of your people, and provide you with access to the data you need, when you need it. You can choose to manage this yourself or let our project managers do it for you.

And if you already have an Applicant Tracking System, we can integrate the assessments into it too, for even greater decision making. 

Graduate & Early Career Recruitment

Everyone deserves the best start to their career and we can help you make that happen.

With lots of applicants for limited vacancies, it can be a challenge to find the best graduates and new joiners suited to your business. 

Our consultants can give you all the support you need to review or create valid, accurate and realistic role profiles against which your candidates can be easily compared. We can also support you with a plan on how you'll develop them too, if you need one. 

Sifting applications, creating a short list and making the final selection is also much easier, when you use our online assessments as part of the recruitment process.

Because once you have all the objective data you need, you'll be able to identify the people with the right personalities, motivation, behavioural traits, and competencies, who'll fit best within your organisation. 

Leadership Assessment

Once you have a real sense of an individual’s natural preferences and behaviours, it's much easier for you (and them) to play to their strengths in the workplace.

Our Leadership Assessment journey follows a simple 5-stage process, adapted to suit your requirements. Using best practice and well validated research, it's an approach that works equally well for one role with multiple candidates, or multiple roles.

  1. Explores role mapping prior to the individual assessment

  2. Uses virtual assessments to establish behaviours, competencies, personality, motivational preferences; and cognitive ability 

  3. Provides a detailed report and feedback, highlighting strengths and potential areas for development with traffic light indicators in each capability

  4. A virtual meeting with the recruitment team or hiring manager to discuss candidate strengths and risks based on psychometric assessments and BEI outputs

  5. Optional coaching feedback on interview and psychometrics to support transition into role or development for candidates who were unsuccessful

Assessment Centres

You can make the right choices more easily when you see candidates performing in a variety of different, realistic work situations.

Our virtual and/or face to face assessment centres provide powerful insights above and beyond the information you gain from interviews and psychometric tests.


They can dramatically improve hire rate accuracy and enable you to process hundreds of candidates a year, smoothly and efficiently.


Our assessment centres can be tailored to your business, culture and industry using business simulations specifically aligned to what a successful candidate will be asked to do in the role. These can be invaluable for recruiting candidates with critical skills for example.

HR Manager

Legal Sector

I really enjoy working with GFB! You've really helped to transform our graduate recruitment process.
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