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Need 1 reason to use our profiling tools?

We can think of at least 360

We understand what makes people tick.

Whether it’s recruitment, leadership development or talent retention that’s your priority, we can help.  


With our consultancy expertise and wide range of psychometric tools, 360 degree feedback surveys and employee engagement surveys, we'll ensure that you truly know and understand your people too.


The objective data we collect gives us valuable information and insights that helps them to appreciate their strengths and ambitions. It also removes the curse of subjectivity, allowing them to become more self-aware and develop the behaviors, thinking and management styles needed to have an even greater impact on the business.


But we before do get to work using any of these tools, we'll start by getting to know and understand you and your organisation first. That's because with so many options available, we want to make sure we give you the most suitable, effective and practical solutions.


Which is all part of the high-quality service you can expect from us.

Our Products & Services

We'll help you get up and running quickly and efficiently

How can we help?

A circle of multicoloured game peices
360 degree feedback surveys

Wide range of ready-to-use surveys, branded for your organisation

A depiction of two human head facing each other. One contains uniform orange cubes, the other multicoloured irregular shapes
Psychometric assessments

Powerful insights into why people behave in the way they do

A circle of five small wooden people each in a different colour

Designed and hosted for your organisation to measure engagement

Stock image of a lit lightbulb surrounded by different coloured gears

Support and expertise for you and your leaders

A single fingerprint with blue outer and orange inner

Secure, online assessments and reporting

HR Director

Pharmaceutics Sector

"We rely on GFB for all our 360 and employee feedback surveying. They have managed these services for 8000 employees in thirteen languages for three years.
Their service is excellent, they have proactively developed both services to meet the changing needs of our organisation over the three years that they have worked with us. Their service team is always one step ahead of us providing us with clear guidance about how to make the service more cost effective, value added and state of the art."
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