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Our Consultancy Services

If the people in your business need a 'people business', please talk to us.

Our accredited consultants and experts in psychology, high-performance coaching and business understand the value in putting people first.


Whether they work in corporate HR, Business Units or teams, we are dedicated to helping your people to get the best from your people, so you can get the best from them. 

With over 20 years' experience in consultancy, coaching, feedback and psychometric profiling, as well as working at senior and executive levels, there's a lot we can offer. 

Please take a look at the three most popular ways we support clients below.


If you need support or guidance with anything else, please ask - it's all part of the GFB service!

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3 Ways We Can Support You

But we have plenty of other ways to help you too! Please get in touch.

1. Talent Retention

Finding someone to fill the right seat is hard at the best of times. In today's candidate's market, it's even harder.

That's why we are increasingly asked to help design and develop ways to identify and develop existing talent inside organisations.


This often also includes vital coaching and feedback - which can be delivered directly to individuals - or via your management (and if necessary, we can also provide in-house training on feedback delivery).

Please talk to us about creating and supporting you with leadership and talent development programmes.

2. Coaching & Direct Feedback

Our Coaching and Development team regularly work with executives on a range of business and personal challenges.


These include:

  • Improving or formulating a new strategy

  • Working through ethical issues and dilemmas

  • Improving leadership capacity

  • Working through conflict

  • Transitioning in to a new role or making a career move

  • Leading through change

We are also often engaged to provide essential feedback to both successful (and unsuccessful recruitment candidates, which helps to endorse a positive brand reputation). 

At GFB, we have a wide range of consultancy and technology expertise to enable your projects to meet their objectives, be delivered on time, and within budget.

Whether you are starting with a blank page or looking to update or review an existing 'people project', we can add value.

That's because, we won't try to shoehorn the latest tools or assessments into your project, just because everyone is using them.


With such a wide range of market-leading assessments in our portfolio, we believe it's important to find the right profiling and 360 degree feedback tools, or employee engagement surveys, to give you that all important objective data you crave.

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"GFB are super flexible and accommodating."
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