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SHL Sales Report (OPQ32 & MQ)

The Sales Report provides a snapshot of an individual’s natural styles that are critical to sales success in a simple, easy-to-use format. The Sales Report is based on the OPQ32 and Motivation Questionnaire (MQ). Combined, these tools offer a precise and in-depth picture of the important factors relevant for success in sales.



OPQ - Approx. 15-25 minutes - untimed

MQ - Approx. 25-30 minutes - untimed


Sales professionals

Accreditation Requirement

No specific accreditation requirement but knowledge of the tool is beneficial

Product Detail

Effective sales people are key to the growth of any business whether they are developing new leads or managing existing accounts, ensuring that the right people have the required skills to deliver growth is essential for any business to succeed. The SHL Sales report provides the output to measure potential recruits to ensure they will fit the bill or to help develop existing sales people to maximise their performance.










Delivered online, candidates are required to complete both the OPQ32 and the MQ in order to produce the full report. The assessments are untimed and together take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

The Sales Report measures success factors in three main areas:

Sales Foundations
Factors important to sales effectiveness in most sales situations

Sales Cycle
How an individual is likely to perform in specific sales situations

Aspects of motivation critical to keeping sales people performing at their peak


   Click here to view a sample of the SHL Sales report.

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