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GFB Leadership Potential Report

The leadership potential report links an individual’s innate or hard wired potential for leadership behaviours that they are likely to show across four leadership categories: Thinks, Involves, Inspires and Achieves. It also looks at how this potential will play out in static and efficient environments or in fast-paced, change environments; so an individual’s potential for transactional leadership and transformational leadership styles.



Approx. 15-25 minutes - untimed


Existing, potential and new leaders.

Questionnaire available in over 30 languages. Report in English.

Accreditation Requirement

British Psychological Society (BPS) Personality accreditation or by GFB providing feedback on the report at an additional cost​.

Product Detail

This Leadership Potential report looks at an individual’s potential based on their personality preferences. The report is ipsative in format and consists of 104 questions that a candidate answers and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.



Features and Benefits

Based on the well validated and respected Schroder Leadership framework the report explores an individuals preferences and their likely strengths as a leader across the four competency clusters that are all highly relevant for leadership success.






















The GFB Leadership Potential report is an invaluable development tool. The report is presented in such a way to help grow an individual’s self-awareness and to facilitate how they understand their leadership strengths and their leadership gaps; how they might develop the behaviours that don’t come so naturally to them. It can be used for:

Existing leaders

New leaders

Leadership Succession

Self- development

Leadership team integration

What does the report look like?

Click here to view a sample of the GFB Leadership Potential Report

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