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Intrinsic Motivation Test

The Intrinsic motivation test is a powerful measure to help understand the internal motivators and drivers of an individual. It identifies an individual's ideal role from a motivational standpoint, it can be used to determine whether a specific role will give them that 'buzz' to work well.



105 Statements

Approx. 25 minutes - untimed


Manager and professionals

Accreditation Requirement

British Psychological Society (BPS) Personality accreditation or by GFB providing feedback on the report at an additional cost​.

Product Detail

The Intrinsic motivation survey helps understand the motivators and drivers of an individual. Intrinsic can identify what an ideal role would be for a candidate from a motivational point of view. The tool measures what will give an individual the drive to convert competency into performance. What will make them ‘do’ instead of simply being able to do.

The Intrinsic motivation test consists of 105 questions and measures ten dimensions of intrinsic motivation which can be used to profile a candidate against any job.














Intrinsic helps predict how individuals will actually perform in the job - focusing on what they ‘will do’ rather than on what they ‘can do’.

The Intrinsic test of motivation can be tailored to a specific company or role.

Intrinsic offers you an understanding as to how an individual will convert competency into performance: that is, what motivates them to actually 'do' something rather than simply have the capability to do something which ability tests assess. It does not measure 'extrinsic' motivation - drivers such as salary or bonuses as these can be assessed during an interview.


Features and Benefits

  • Both development and selection reports available.

  • Uncovers areas for discussion and debate in an interview or coaching session that look at the internal motivators and drivers.

  • The Selection Report includes a High Potential Motivation Chart to indicate high flyer potential.

  • Using Intrinsic provides an additional dimension to traditional assessment sessions that typically include only ability and personality assessment.

Areas of use

Placing new recruits

Identifying high flyer potential

Relocating staff following a restructure

Distinguishing between good and poor performers

Choosing between equally competent individuals in selection situations

Understanding the reasons why employees are not performing as expected

Analysing team interaction issues from a motivational perspective

Adding the motivational element to succession planning

Gaining the commitment of talented individuals

Retaining highly valued staff



Intrinsic test of motivation generates three different types of report; Selection, Development and the Professional Users chart. Click below to see samples of each:

Selection Report

Development Report

Professional Users Report*

*Professional users report requires Intrinsic accreditation for use

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