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Verify Ability Assessments

The SHL Verify suite of ability tests assess a range of skills and are used to measure these early in the recruitment process. The various ability assessments can be completed together or used separately.



Raning from 17-25 minutes depending on assessment being used.


Suitable for a wide range of roles and levels.

Available in over 20 languages.

Accreditation Requirement

British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A accreditation or by GFB providing feedback on the report at an additional cost​.

Product Detail

SHL's verify assessments are suitable for a range of job roles and levels, and provide a secure, online process for assessing a range of skills effectively, quickly and easily.

The verify suite of tests are available at a number of levels and with a range of different norm groups available for each so that you can select the skills, levels and comparison group most suitable for the role that you are assessing for. The assessments are also available in a wide range of languages to ensure tests are as fair and accessible as possible.

The Verify range of assessments:

Verbal - 30 questions, 19 minutes
Designed to measure a candidate’s ability to evaluate the logic of various kinds of argument as presented in written form.

Numerical - 18 questions, 25 minutes
Designed to measure a candidate’s ability to make correct decisions or inferences from numerical or statistical data.

Inductive - 24 questions, 25 minutes
Designed to test a candidate’s ability to draw inferences and understand the relationships between various concepts independent of acquired knowledge.

Calculation - 20 questions, 10 minutes
Designed to measure a candidate’s ability to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers quickly and accurately.

Checking - 25 questions, 5 minutes
Designed to measure a candidate’s ability to compare information quickly and accurately which is critical to ensuring the quality of work.

Mechanical - 15 questions, 10 minutes
Designed to measure a candidate's understanding of basic mechanical principles and their application to devices such as pulleys, gears and levers.

Reading Comprehension - 18 questions, 10 minutes
Designed to measure the ability to extract relevant information from written sources and make objective judgements on the basis of that information.

Deductive Reasoning - 18 questions, 20 minutes
Measures a candidate’s ability to draw logical conclusions based on information provided.

Spatial Reasoning - 22 questions, 15 minutes
Measures a candidate’s ability to rapidly perceive and manipulate stimuli.

Features and Benefits:

Provides a unique ability test online using randomised item content from the item bank that ensures candidates will not have previous exposure to the test.

Includes an additional verification test - a follow-up test - which is significantly shorter and is supervised.  This seeks to verify if an individual's performance on the first ability test is an accurate measure of their capability.  It does this by verifying whether there is an inconsistency between the two test results.  Available in over 20 languages.

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