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Core Abilities Assessment

The Core Abilities Assessment provides a short assessment of general ability. Providing insight on an individual's verbal, numerical & abstract reasoning ability. The assessment is suitable for quickly sifting entry level candidates.



15 Minutes 

20 Questions


Junior and entry level positions; Retail assistants, Office Managers, Customer Service roles, Call centre staff, Frontline Supervisors and New Managers

Accreditation Requirement

British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A accreditation or by GFB providing feedback on the report at an additional cost​.

Product Detail

The Core Abilities assessment provides a quick and effective screening tool for sifting the best candidates from a large number of applicants.

The assessment measures an individual's verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills; the basic skills essential in order to succeed in many roles. The results of the test provide insight into someone's ability to learn and perform in a role. It can help highlight the applicants who should advance to the next stage or interview.

The assessment is delivered online and is a timed test providing candidates with 15 minutes to complete 6 Verbal, 7 Numerical and 7 Abstract Reasoning questions.

The Core Abilities Assessment can be used to screen entry-level staff and individual contributors, including:

Retail assistants

Office Managers

Customer Service roles

Call centre staff

Frontline Supervisors and New Managers

This test should be delivered in a supervised environment.


The Core Abilities Assessment generates a report, a sample of which is can be downloaded here.

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