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Improving diversity with objective data

People are unique. Diversity is important.

This is not a new phenomenon. However, recent and ongoing research shows how important diversity is in the current climate. McKinsey’s recently revisited diversity research highlights the increasing business and moral case for diversity - demonstrating how organisations that embrace diversity not only see increased business performance but also holistic growth ambitions, greater social impact, and a more satisfied workforce.

Psychometric tests are one way of describing differences between people objectively, measuring variations in areas such as personality, cognitive ability, values and motivation. By using psychometric tests, you can make distinctions between applicants who are likely to perform effectively in a specific role, work well in a particular team or align with an organisation’s values and culture.

The rigorous testing required to qualify to interpret psychometric assessments ensures that certified practitioners will thoroughly review the ability and preferences relevant to a particular role before recommending tests to assess those attributes. The use of well-validated, suitable tests helps to identify potential, and focus on traits and attributes identified as relevant for role success. They are an objective measure of preferences and abilities and do not contain the biases that may existing – conscious or otherwise - within other areas of recruitment such as interviews or application sifts.

When the right tests are used well they offer recruiters an insight into diversity - diversity in terms of preferences, ability, motivation and values that build strong teams and organisations. GFB are experts in helping our clients identify the most relevant tools for what they are trying to assess and support their diversity ambitions.

If you are unsure about if and how testing may be able to support your organisation's diversity goals, feel free to get in touch and we can talk you through the options.  

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Or if you’d like to take a look at the research – these articles are a good place to start.

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