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Future fresh: new norms and technology for the Watson Glaser

Alongside the recent technology advancements made to both the security and user experiences of individuals taking the Watson Glaser we are pleased to announce the latest release of updated norm groups for the Watson Glaser.

Available now on the platform is Graduate Law 2024 which is made up of those applying for graduate positions in Law. This is a very strong norm group with over fifty thousand candidate scores.

Ensuring appropriate norm groups are representative of the individuals being assessed is a key consideration when selecting not only norm groups but which test to use in the first place. Given the continued focus of our legal clients on improving access to under represented groups in this sector this norm group update has been welcomed by firms using the Watson Glaser.

Analysis of scores and performance data have continued to identify the Watson Glaser as one of the strongest predictors of performance in role in the assessment of legal trainees and also graduate roles in a wide range of sectors.

An updated norm group has also been created for Graduates 2024 to cover this wider reach of the tool across industry sectors.  

The majority of our Watson Glaser clients access and use the standard norm groups available due to their strength and relevance, however for clients who test in significant volumes we also have the option of creating bespoke norms groups. Bespoke norms can provide the most directly relevant comparison group as they are take from past data sources so can completely reflect an organisations past applicant distribution of scores, or even more relevant if available the scores of current role high performers. If you would be interested in discussing the creation of a bespoke norm for your assessment project do let us know and we can alk you through the options.

If you would like to start using these new norm groups within your current or future assessment projects please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.

+44 (0)3330 902 580

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