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Rishi Sunak- Transformational or Transactional Leader?

After a tumultuous 8 weeks in UK politics, hopefully we can look forward a little bit of calm after the storm – but what sort of a leader will Rishi be?

Businesses and governmental departments alike have had to get used to working with change due to Brexit, Covid, volatile markets and changing leaders, it is part of the day to day routine - particularly if you are a member of the UK’s Conservative Party! MPs and MDs alike have had to get used to change.

But we desperately need someone to steady the ship. Will Rishi be the man to do it and what will his leadership style be? According to the well-established OPQ Personality Profile, Leaders can be categorized as Transactional or Transformational.

Transactional leaders succeed through execution. They have a plan and stick to it. They are impervious to day-to-day pressures and fad-of-the-moment temptations. They have facts and figures at their fingertips and are masters of detail. The strongest transactional leaders manage day-to-day operations with a skill and flare that borders on genius.

Transformational leaders succeed by creating a compelling vision that inspires the organization to willingly undertake the difficult journey of organizational change. The strongest transformational leaders chart a course and set a strategic direction that motivates people and mobilizes energy to surmount powerful challenges.

I suspect Rishi currently falls into the camp of Transactional but given the brevity of his recent public appearances maybe he needs to take a leaf out of Boris’ book and pepper it with some Transformational traits.

If only the Conservative Party had come to us a while ago, we could have helped profile their potential leaders and saved us all a lot of time and unnecessary chaos in the meantime:

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