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Leadership Potential - Growing your future leaders.

Updated: Jun 11

What is Leadership Potential and why is it useful?

Leadership Potential is an individual’s predicted leadership style based on various internal factors.

Often leadership is measured based on previous performance however to measure leadership potential we need to look at how an individual is likely to behave in the future. When looking to recruit future leaders or to identify future talent this is an invaluable approach to selection.

We have developed a leadership potential report that links an individual’s innate or hard wired potential to show leadership behaviours and how this potential will play out in static and efficient environments or fast paced change environments; transactional leadership and transformational leadership styles. Understanding the environment of an organisation and the needs of the leadership job role can help to match an individual’s potential to the role.

Leaders are influenced by various factors both internal and external. The external factors are the work environment and the type of role that they operating in. The internal factors that determine an individuals potential are their cognitive ability (their ability to think critically), their personality preferences, and what drives and motivates them. These factors influence the skills and expertise that leaders have a natural preference for, their potential strengths and their natural leadership style, their leadership potential.

What does great leadership look like and how do you assess leadership potential?


At GFB we have over 20 years of expertise in leadership and we use the extremely well validated Schroder high performance model of leadership as our bench mark. The framework is organised into four clusters of leadership and these are all highly relevant for leadership success. An individual’s leadership potential is their likelihood in using these leadership behaviours and in ease of developing these leadership skills and this potential is underpinned by the individual’s mix of personality preferences.


Converting potential into great leadership capability.

Successful leaders have good self-awareness and understand the interplay of their preferences within the environment that they work in. The GFB Leadership Potential report is also an invaluable development tool. The report is presented in such a way to help grow an individual’s self-awareness and to facilitate how they might understand their leadership strengths and their leadership gaps; how they might develop the behaviours that don’t come so naturally to them. Using the analogy of a leadership tool kit, the report helps leaders explore how they prefer to use certain tools from their tool kit however there are times when they may need to use more effort or push themselves to use less familiar tools from the leadership toolkit. Having a well-stocked tool kit helps leaders to step up and meet the challenges they face daily; to broaden their leadership capability (transactional and transformational) so that they thrive in the role and environment they operate in.

If you would like to know more about the GFB Leadership Potential report please get in touch - - email or call us on +44 (0) 333 090 2580.

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