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CIPD Festival of Work 2024 – GFB Round up

The CIPD Festival of Work is a dynamic event that brings together professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts to explore the future of work. GFB were back again this year to showcase our expertise in talent management, engage with attendees, and contribute to the exciting conversations shaping the HR landscape. This year was also the first time the event had been held at London’s Excel having moved from its previous home at the Kensington Olympia. Read below our brief recap and review of the event.

Key Talking Points

1. 360 Degree Feedback

Visitors to our stand were particularly interested in 360 degree feedback this year, to help support their internal development programmes. This innovative approach allows employees to receive anonymised input from various sources—peers, direct reports, supervisors, and even self-assessment. By gathering diverse perspectives, organizations gain a more comprehensive understanding of individual performance and development needs. GFB’s commitment to fostering a feedback-rich culture resonated with attendees seeking effective talent management solutions.

2. Employee Engagement Surveys

Not something that has typically been a big talking point for us at exhibitions but employee engagement surveys were another hot topic. These surveys provide valuable insights into employee sentiment, job satisfaction, and commitment to organizational goals. By leveraging our experience and data, GFB can help identify areas for improvement, enhance employee experiences, and drive productivity.

3. AI in HR

AI in HR emerged as a central theme throughout the event. From recruitment to performance management, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how HR functions operate. Attendees were eager to explore AI-powered tools that streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and improve overall efficiency. There was lots of interesting discussion about how AI can help or hinder HR, its still early days but generally it felt like there was excitement for what AI could bring to the table in the near future.


How about the show?

1. Client and Partner Connections

The Festival of Work provided a great platform to connect with our existing clients and partners. Having the opportunity for face-to-face interactions was refreshing when so much now is done through teams or zoom and allowed us to deepen relationships, address specific needs, and explore collaborative opportunities. It felt like there was a real energy and buzz around the event.


2. Prospective New Clients and Collaborators

The festival buzz attracted a diverse audience, from the UK and further afield, including potential clients and collaborators. The event’s inclusive atmosphere encouraged open dialogue, making it easier to identify synergies and explore future partnerships. Attendance across the 2 days seemed to be really strong with very few lulls and lots of intent from those who came to see us. Whether it was the new location, improved marketing, or just the prospect of meeting people face to face, this year seemed to be very well attended.

3. New Location

Its fair to say we were unsure when we found out the event was moving to ExCeL. With GFB being based in Reading, Kensington is certainly easier for us to get to and we worried that others may feel the same and attendance may suffer. However, despite our concerns, the ExCeL was actually a great venue, easy to get to via the Elizabeth line or DLR, modern, clean and easy to find your way to the show, and attendance as mentioned above was great. All in all it seemed like an excellent move.


The CIPD Festival of Work 2024 was a whirlwind of ideas, connections, and inspiration - we would certainly recommend it to anyone working within the HR community. At GFB, we left with fresh perspectives, renewed connections, and a commitment to driving positive change in HR practices. We look forward to next year’s festival, where we’ll continue to shape the future of work alongside fellow industry enthusiasts.

Missed us at the show or want to know more about how we can support your HR projects? Get in touch here.

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