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The Perfect Partnership: Growing Capability in Ghana

Find out how GFB have been supporting Capability Trust with a range of people measurement services through our Partner programme.

"The GFB system is excellent. It's easy to use, flexible and allows you to quickly deliver a bespoke product for your clients in a very simple way. The initial technical set up of the 360 went very smoothly and the online platform is easy to administer", Effie Cooke, Executive Director and Founder of Capability Trust.

Capability Trust is a people and learning organisation, based in Ghana, which specialises in helping businesses create great workplaces and recruit and develop skilled and engaged talent. Through our Partner programme, GFB have been supporting Capability Trust with a range of people measurement tools and services to support their client projects and help them to grow their already successful business.

Capability Trust were approached by their client, Africa's leading independent oil and gas exploration and production company, to help them to develop a bespoke 360 degree feedback survey. The multi-national client has interests in over 80 exploration and production licences across 16 countries.

"I was looking for a partner to help me to develop a bespoke 360 feedback survey based on my client's core leadership competencies which they had recently defined" explains Effie Cooke, Executive Director and Founder of Capability Trust. "My client did not want an off the shelf product so I needed a partner who could work with me to create a unique tool."

Abigail Clayton, Client Director at GFB, explains "Our online platform provides our partners with direct access to a range of assessments and surveys which can be delivered directly to their customers. In many cases our tools can be branded with our partner's or their client's logo to provide a fully integrated experience. As in this case, we can also host or help our partners to develop bespoke surveys and tools allowing our partners to deliver tools designed by them to meet their client's individual needs."

The GFB technical team built the bespoke 360 degree feedback survey which was initially rolled out to a pre-identified talent pool of 16 managers. "The feedback we received from the first 360 cohort was excellent - it provided a real eye opener for the survey participants and successfully highlighted key development areas for my client to target," explains Effie Cooke. In fact, the model was such a success that the client went on to develop a wider line manager development programme, incorporating the 360 degree feedback survey, which is currently being rolled out to the 85-people-strong line management team of the clients' Ghanaian operation.

"The GFB team are always very quick to respond to my requests, which in turn allows me to deliver to my clients in the most efficient way possible" explains Effie Cooke. My relationship with GFB has been fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received”.

Our flexible online platform offers direct access 24 hours a day, furthermore GFB partners are given access to our secure partner portal area containing test manuals, sample reports and advice and guidance on the range of assessments we offer.

At GFB we are dedicated to providing our partners with the tools and support needed to help them to deliver impactful client projects and build their reputation and grow their business. Effie Cooke shares the wider business benefits of Capability Trust's partnership with GFB, "Through GFB, I have been able to expand my product offering to include a wide range of psychometric assessments, off the shelf and bespoke 360 degree feedback surveys. Capability Trust is now an organisation which can deliver world class assessments in a new market place."

For further information about the GFB Partner Programme, please contact Abigail Clayton, Client Director at or call ++44 (0)3330 902 580.

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