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360 degree feedback for leader

The Leaders 360 degree feedback survey is designed for individuals operating at a strategic level.

360 degree feedback for leader

360 degree feedback is a simple and effective way to identify an individual’s strengths and highlight areas where development would have the largest impact on improving performance. The Leader 360 degree feedback survey measures individuals against the Schroder model of high performance management. For the Leader 360 degree feedback survey the questions have been developed to measure an individual’s ability to demonstrate behaviours at the highest levels expected of an individual in a senior leadership role.

GFB’s Leader 360 degree feedback survey is ideal for a one off or annual development initiative or used as part of a wider development programme.

The Leader 360 has been designed to be simple to manage and complete. All of our surveys are delivered online and can be managed in house via our survey administration platform or we can deliver the project for you. The nominee experience is simple and hassle free, with the individual requiring feedback receiving a link to their nomination form where they can enter the names and email addresses of those they would like feedback from. Once submitted, our system will automatically email those individuals requesting they provide feedback, the individual will then be directed through to their self survey for completion. Surveys take no longer than 20 minutes to complete and can be saved and returned to at any point.

Our 360 degree feedback report has been designed by our experienced consultants to provide clear and concise results. An individual report comes as standard with the survey, but a group option is also available for a broader look into a teams strengths and development needs.


66 statements, 2 free text items, approximately 20 minutes - untimed.


Fully outsourced to be managed by GFB or with access to our online platform the surveys can be managed in-house.

Want to know more?

Contact us for more information or to view a sample report.

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