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360 degree feedback for education managers

The Education Manager 360 feedback survey has been designed with middle level leaders working within educational settings in mind. The survey is aimed at providing those with people management responsibility with an insight into the how others perceive how they operate on a day-to-day basis.

360 degree feedback for education managers

The Education Middle Leaders survey gathers self-assessment responses and feedback from manager, direct reports and other key stakeholders relating to the 11 behaviours of the Schroder High Performance Managerial Competency Framework . There’s a particular emphasis on behaviours measuring and monitoring progress as well as building a culture that supports and nurtures learning behaviours. It uses a five-point scale, to enable the rating of 77 statements so that the individual can get a really clear picture, through their feedback report, of their strengths and development needs. Two free text questions encourage the individual to think about their strengths and development needs, and enable the feedback respondents to provide greater detail of the impact of the individuals behavioural strengths and development areas.

There are two versions of this 360; one for primary and secondary education and one for tertiary education. The surveys can be used on an adhoc basis for individuals, on annual basis to link in with performance reviews or used as part of a development programme where it integrates into interventions designed to develop leadership capability.

The report walks the individual through their data from top level information through to question detail, encouraging the individual to consider how they can make use of their strengths and recognise where their behaviour and actions may be having a negative impact. They have been designed to enable the individual to use the information gathered in order to maximise their performance by encouraging them to maintain their strengths whilst focusing development on those areas that could improve their performance.


44 statements, 2 free text items, approximately 15 minutes - untimed.


Fully outsourced to be managed by GFB or with access to our online platform the surveys can be managed in-house.​

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