360 Degree Feedback Surveys

What is 360 degree feedback and how does it work?

360-degree feedback surveys provide a unique opportunity for individuals and organisations to gain an insight into what’s made them successful, what they need to continue, and what they need to develop to be more successful in the future.

GFB has 19 years of expertise in designing and running 360-degree feedback surveys securely using our online platform. We provide small and large organisations with leading edge, user-friendly 360-degree feedback surveys and comprehensive reports on their people.

Where to start?

An Off-the-Shelf or a Bespoke 360 Degree Feedback Survey?

We have a number of different off-the-shelf survey options ready to go, built using the Schroder High Performance Managerial Competency Framework . This framework has been extensively validated across a wide range of industries and job levels and has been found to differentiate between high performers and average performers. That is, individuals who demonstrate strengths in the behaviours within the framework, outperform those who are using the behaviours at a lower level, giving you the insight into how your employees sit in terms of performance.

The Schroder Framework of High Performance

We can also support your organisation with all stages of bespoke survey designing and hosting. No matter where you are at with your survey design we can help; from simply hosting a survey you have ready to go on our platform, to creating a framework catering to your organisations culture, building questions based of the framework and producing a developmental report output to use in coaching or as a tool in your development programme.


We have a range of already built, developed and validated 360 degree feedback survey ready to go. Each surveys consist of behavioural statements that are easy to understand and rate. The feedback recipient and their nominees rate each statement using a five point rating scale. There are also two verbatim questions, the responses to which really add value to the feedback process. Each survey has been designed with a different job level or industry in mind including:

Take a look at each survey we have available including a sample report as well, in our product pages.

Bespoke 360 Degree Survey

Perhaps you already have a 360° feedback survey that you run internally, or you have just designed and implemented a new competency framework for your organisation? No matter which stage you are at in the development and design of your organisations 360 you can rest assured that when you are working with GFB, you are working with a team who understand people and have the experience and know-how to get the very best out of them.

Get in touch today and speak with one of our highly experience consultants to discuss you requirements and how we can support you getting started.

360 Report Feedback and Coaching

At GFB we have a team of executive coaches that can help facilitate how the report is interpreted so that individuals can take away valuable feedback in a way that helps them to build on their strengths and also HOW to develop targeted leadership skills for their further development.

A coached facilitated feedback session gives you:

360 Report Feedback and Coaching for Team Development

Great teams communicate regularly and help each other to grow and develop. We support team development by collating the team’s individual 360 feedback reports into a Group Report.

Using GFB's 360 feedback surveys with a team of individuals can help to:

We have expertise in facilitating team development sessions to help facilitate understanding of the group report at a team level and also for supporting peer to peer feedback between team members to create a culture of positive development.

Our group reports can also help your organisation identify and target the development needs for a team, group or a larger population and help to establish their future training and development needs and feed into targeted Learning and Development planning.

Next steps?

Get in touch today and speak with one of our highly experience consultants to discuss you requirements and how we can support you getting started.

360 Degree Feedback Case Studies

Managing employee performance at ION Trading

ION 360 Degree Feedback Case Study GFB

High tech company ION Trading found itself in this situation, doubling in size every year, while expanding internationally. With 80 staff, the organisation was at the point where it was time to develop more effective, and more formal, human resource practices.

Automating performance management helps Vauxhall transform company culture

Vauxhall 360 Degree Feedback Case Study GFB

With a new CEO behind the wheel, Vauxhall wanted its employees to embrace revamped cultural priorities and turn those into demonstrable results.

CIPD develops leaders using 360 degree feedback

CIPD 360 Degree Feedback Case Study GFB

CIPD began looking at a 360 tool to develop both individual and organisation capability to enable their people to deliver the company's ambition. Getfeedback worked with CIPD to help their senior managers recognise their strengths and weaknesses as leaders.

Building the leadership capability for Sure International

Sure International 360 Degree Feedback Case Study GFB

Getfeedback have been working with Sure International, based in the Channel Islands, for over 5 years, helping them to understand their leadership capability through behavioural profiling and 360 feedback.

Accelerating development at B&Q

B&Q 360 Degree Feedback Case Study GFB

Supporting B&Q's first high potential development programme with bespoke 360 development.

Growing leadership performance with 360 degree feedback at Missguided

Missguided 360 Degree Feedback Case Study GFB

Missguided has grown dramatically over the last few years and as the company expands so the leadership demand has increased. The Leadership Team wanted a solution that would have a direct impact and slotted in easily to their very busy schedules.

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