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Power of Data - Recruitment is more than Role Play

Finding individuals with the right drive, motivation, values, ability and skills to help your organisation succeed is a complicated process. Ensuring you have enough objective, well validated data to make those critical people decisions can prove tricky and time consuming - but reaps huge benefits in the longer term when you see new recruits thrive.

For over 20 years we have continuously reviewed and developed the range of well validated psychometric tools on our platform that assess a wide range of traits, preferences and skills. These assessments are further enhanced through automated reporting that we can tailor to provide you with the data you need, in a format that is easy to understand and use. We offer a range of dynamic, automated reporting options which draw on traits and corresponding results that have been drawn from well-respected psychometrics. We only use well researched, reliable assessments from established test publishers, so we know the results are validated.

How it works

If a score falls outside the identified area of fit, this indicates that the candidate may not feel comfortable operating in aspects of the role relating to this element. Trait and score specific questions allow recruiters to really hone in on these areas to probe first and establish the impact of this mismatch on an individual’s ability to thrive within the required role.

This is GFB’s standard role match process, and these are examples of how it looks:

Sample Interview Questions

For larger recruitment campaigns we have created a number of bespoke reports with company specific branding, questions, formats and outputs. This can allow for key questions and review of fit.

Using this process delivers the following benefits:

Accurate assessment

Well-validated assessments have undergone rigorous scientific testing to ensure their reliability and validity. They have been tested on large and diverse populations to establish their accuracy in measuring specific traits or attributes. By using such assessments, you can have confidence in the reliability of the results, as they have been proven to provide accurate and consistent measurements.

Objective insights Assessments provide an objective and standardised way to evaluate individuals. They are designed to minimize biases and personal opinions, allowing for a more objective understanding of a person's strengths, development areas, preferences, or other relevant factors. Removing the potential for unintentional internal biases.

Tailored information A bespoke report is specifically designed to address an organisation's unique role requirements. By using a well-validated assessment with a bespoke report, you can obtain detailed and tailored information about the specific areas of interest or concern. This can help you gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions based on the specific context or objectives you have.

Enhanced self-awareness Assessments often provide individuals with valuable feedback about their own characteristics, behaviours, or skills. This increased self-awareness can be empowering, as it allows individuals to understand their strengths and areas for development more clearly. With this knowledge, individuals can focus on personal growth, make informed career decisions, or seek targeted interventions to improve their performance. Even where candidates may be unsuccessful in their application many clients are now choosing to offer off the shelf or bespoke candidate reports to ensure all individuals benefit from the process regardless of progress within the process.

Informed decision-making Assessments can support decision-making processes by providing objective data and insights. Whether it's in recruitment, talent development, team building, or organisational planning, well-validated assessments offer reliable information that can be used as a foundation for making informed decisions. They provide a standardised and evidence-based approach to evaluating individuals or situations, which can lead to more effective and efficient decision-making.


Overall this approach brings with it the best of both worlds; tailored relevant outputs that are created using well validated, respected and automated tools. If you have a specific role or organisational need get in touch

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