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Sosie provides an online measure of an individual’s values and personality traits. It provides an individual’s personality against the big 5 model as well as insight into their interpersonal and personal values.

Initially developed from the tests of Leonard Gordon: Personal Profile Inventory, Survey of Personal Values, and Survey of Interpersonal Values, Sosie provides an in-depth look into an individual’s traits, personal and interpersonal values.

Traits and values are linked to job satisfaction and the "fit" to a role or organisational culture offers insight in to someone's motivation, job-satisfaction, organisational commitment and ultimately performance.

What does it measure?

- 8 traits which map on the BIG FIVE factors (OCEAN) of trait personality

- 6 interpersonal values - important when individuals interact

- 6 personal values that are more internally focused

Suitable for use in recruitment, career guidance, personal and leadership development and coaching.


80 statements. Approximately 30 minutes - untimed


Senior managers​

Accreditation Requirement

British Psychological Society (BPS) Level B accreditation or GFB can provide feedback on the report at an additional cost​

Want to know more?

Contact us for more information about this product or to view a sample report.

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