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Orpheus Personality Assessment

Orpheus is a broad-spectrum, work-based personality questionnaire that offers something quite different to other questionnaires. The first set of scales, based on the 'Big Five' model, measures durable personality traits with a second set of scales based on the prudentius model of integrity (these are the aspects of personality that are likely to change according to context and time of life).

The Orpheus Personality Survey is valuable as it provides insight into an individual's typical preferences and relates them to their current attitudes to work.

Developed by the highly regarded psychometrician and the only Professor of Psychometrics in the UK, Dr John Rust. Orpheus is the most versatile personality profiling tool available in the market today. Intended for a wide number of uses in the work setting, from selection to development, Orpheus combined with GFB’s online delivery is a powerful and low cost way to help inform an organisation about its people in a more enlightened way.

Orpheus is measured on the ‘Big five’ personality scales:

- Fellowship
- Authority
- Conformity
- Emotion
- Detail

These scales represent social, organisational, intellectual, emotional and perceptual aspects of personality. Because they are largely independent of each other, they can be interpreted in combination to find particular meanings against patterns of scores.


190 statements. Approximately 25 minutes - untimed


Senior managers​ and managers

Accreditation Requirement

British Psychological Society (BPS) Level B accreditation or GFB can provide feedback on the report at an additional cost​

Want to know more?

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