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MyStrength is a new self-assessment tool developed by GFB to provide individuals with a way of measuring their own behaviour against a robust and validated competency framework.

The 11 competencies that comprise the framework were identified through extensive research carried out in the USA and UK. The competencies describe behaviours that have been empirically shown to distinguish between high performing and average performing job holders and can predict superior organisational performance across a wide range of organisations, industries and countries (Cockerill, Hunt, Schroder, 1995). In addition the research has shown that the HPMC's are particularly relevant in dynamic and changing environments such as those many of us find ourselves in today.

The great thing about behavioural competence is that it can be developed. Whilst some behaviours may come more naturally to you, because of your personality, motivation and experiences; it is possible to learn how to use the behaviours more effectively.

Why MyStrength?

MyStrength is an ideal tool for obtaining behaviour based developmental feedback where traditional competency based tools such as 360 degree feedback surveys are not suitable or appropriate. Unlike 360 feedback surveys, MyStrength can completed by the individual in a single setting without the need for feedback from direct reports or close associates. This makes MyStrength ideal for individuals that do not manage others and tend to work more independently, or for organisations that are looking for low noise developmental assessment solutions.

The MyStrength report provides individuals with a benchmark of how they believe they typically behave at work by providing them with a summary for each of the 11 competencies. As well as providing an overall score for performance against each competency the tool also allows for the behaviours to be ranked by importance either to their current role or to a role that they aspire to in the future. The comparison of importance versus performance allows the individual to target their development to have the greatest positive impact on their behaviour at work.


145 statements. Approximately 25 minutes - untimed


Managers and professionals

Accreditation Requirement

No specific accreditation requirement but knowledge of the tool is beneficial

Want to know more?

Contact us for more information about this product or to view a sample report.

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