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Hogan Development Survey

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) identifies the dark side of the personality and reveals what we see when people are stressed - and is the only business-related inventory that measures these dysfunctional behavioural patterns.

The Hogan Development Survey assesses eleven personality-based performance risks that impede work relationships, hinder productivity, or limit overall career potential. These career derailers - deeply ingrained in personality traits - can affect an individual's leadership style and actions. When under pressure, most people will display certain counterproductive tendencies or risk factors. Under normal circumstances these characteristics may actually be strengths. However, when an individual is tired, pressured, bored or otherwise distracted, these risk factors may impede effectiveness and erode the quality of relationships with customers and colleagues. For example, a high score on the scale 'Excitable' may indicate a risk of that person displaying moody, easily annoyed, hard to please, emotionally volatile behaviours when under pressure.

The Hogan Development Survey assessment provides valuable feedback for strategic self-awareness, which is the key to avoiding the negative consequences associated with these tendencies.


Approximately 15-20 minutes - untimed​


All levels of staff​

Accreditation Requirement

Hogan assessment accreditation or GFB can provide feedback on the report at an additional cost​

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