Developing People

Developing your Organisation's Leaders

We work with leaders to support them in the way they lead agile organisations that thrive in our fast-changing world.

We do this by growing a leader's self-awareness and supporting them in leveraging their strengths; leaders can more successfully navigate a path through disruptive change.

We will work with your organisation to create a stimulating and bespoke development programme for your leaders, creating a leadership culture that facilitates teams who innovate by developing.

Our consultants can work with you to design the most effective solutions for your organisation. This might be an end to end leadership programme or elements of leadership development: 360 degree feedback surveys, development centres, personality, motivation and emotional intelligence psychometrics and also a leadership 1:2:1 coaching programme.

Developing your Organisations Teams

We help leaders to build high performance teams who think diversely, challenge constructively and collaborate to deliver above and beyond expectation. Our approach results in real long-term behavioural change that drives how the team works together to deliver real results.

We support teams to create an environment where people work together by:

We apply psychology and people data to facilitate how teams understand each other and work together. Our long term coaching and staged approach allows us to build solutions around your organisation's teams specific needs. These could be targeting end of year review, future strategy and objective setting or when the team comes together to meet in one location.

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Development Case Studies

Developing employee core skills helps Mowlem build a strong foundation for growth

Mowlem Development Case Study GFB

Mowlem wanted design a new core skills training programme to ensure their staff were equipped with the skills to operate efficiently and grow the business.

Management enhancements at Royal Institution designed with members and public in mind

RICS Development Case Study GFB

Working closely with RICS learning and development consultant Albert Tonks, Getfeedback designed new performance management systems to help employees perform at the top of their game.

Enterprise plc invest in managers to steer through a period of growth

Enterprise Plc Development Case Study GFB

Having undergone a period of rapid growth through strategic M&A to obtain specific skill sets and enter new markets, Enterprise plc was looking to develop a standard across the business to provide consistency in managerial level behaviours.

Developing leaders at Kleinwort Benson

Kleinwort Benson Development Case Study GFB

Kleinwort Benson required a common language and objective processes to get the right people in the right jobs in the leadership team.

UGS takes a new approach to leadership

UGS Development Case Study GFB

Instead of appointing one of the big consultancies, UGS turned to Getfeedback, a UK talent management consultancy with specialist expertise in leadership development.

Creating a Core Skills Programme at Alfred McAlpine

Alfred McAlpine Development Case Study GFB

Alfred McAlpine invited Getfeedback to create a 'core skills' programme that would equip employees with the skills needed to live the values across each development area.

Developing a Sales Academy to become market leader

Development Case Study GFB

Getfeedback consult in people assessment and development, working in partnership with clients to provide an end to end solution to support the process of organisational change. In 2005 our client approached Getfeedback to assist in designing and delivering a talent programme for their top performing sales people.

Spratley & Partners: developing our leadership capability

Spratley & Partners Development Case Study GFB

Spratley & Partners is an approachable team of architects with a reputation for maximising potential: of people, design, planning and return on investment. As the practice has grown, so has the need for strong people leadership.


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