Psychometric Assessments

What are psychometrics and why is everyone using them?

Psychometrics are sophisticated tools designed to measure individual differences in a number of areas such as intelligence, ability, personality and motivation. When used in combination with other information sources they provide a powerful insight into why people behave in the way they do. Psychometrics also help predict future behaviour and performance and therefore are an instrumental tool in business planning.

We host hundreds of psychometrics on our secure online platform and it’s important to think about what will work for your organisation. If you don’t really know where to start our dedicated consultants are always on hand to discuss your needs and then possible options for you.

But if you know what you need and just need to find the right tool, you can browse through our range of psychometric assessments here.

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Ability Psychometrics

Ability psychometric assessments measure an individual's intellectual horsepower and are most commonly used in recruitment and selection when you need a certain set of skills in a candidate. We host a huge range of ability tests including critical thinking, verbal, numerical and logical reasoning, mechanical reasoning and special reasoning. We also have a vast portfolio of essential business specific assessments such as customer service, Microsoft office, data entry, contact centre scenarios and many others from the SHL essential business skills portfolio.

Motivation Psychometrics

Motivation psychometrics provide information about the type of environment, tasks and activities that an individual will be motivated to do. Motivation provides insight into what an individual wants to do and what they need from a role in order to be engaged and successful. From this you gain the insight to predict how well suited the candidates will be culturally and in relation to the role’s duties and tasks.

Personality Psychometrics

Personality psychometrics measure an individual's character traits and types. Understanding someone's personality helps to understand how they will work, what type of work they will excel in, how they will associate with their peers and manage their team. Some instruments reveal areas of strengths and some interpersonal tendencies that can cause problems. Other instruments identify the 'darker' side of our personalities, revealing what we see when we are stressed. These aspects of personality are not easily obtained by even the best trained interviewer and will reveal fundamental information about how the candidate could match with the organisation and the role.

Psychometric Case Studies

Finding what good looks like in volume recruitment

Volume Recruitment Case Study GFB

Profiling and assessing what good looks like to aid objective and accurate volume recruitment.

Technology turnaround aided by talent assessment and leadership

Volume Recruitment Case Study GFB

Getfeedback formed a strategic partnership with a leading technology organisation to help leverage existing talent and focus on high levels of customer satisfaction.

Recruiting people that will change the face of an industry

BAA Recruitment Case Study GFB

"We knew we needed a different approach," said Janine Hayter, head of resourcing and development for Terminal 5. "Same old, same old wasn't good enough. We needed people who were willing to do things differently and go the extra mile to get the job done."

Understanding what 'good' looks like at Yell

Yell Recruitment Case Study GFB

Yell set out to reduce attrition rate in the first year post-hire and investigated the differences between high performers and those identified as poorer performers. Using a range of assessments they were able to profile what 'success' looked like and then integrated these assessments into the selection process.

Applying the Hogan tests in extreme conditions

Volume Recruitment Case Study GFB

The Rivers of Ice expedition was the first attempt at an unsupported crossing of the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap by a team of two adventurers. Find out how Getfeedback helped them prepare using the Hogan Personality Inventory and Development Survey tests as part of their mental preparation.

ESAB implements a new talent management programme

ESAB Recruitment Case Study GFB

To deliver their very ambitious plans for future growth, ESAB needed to introduce an new approach to talent management. So as to formally identify their talent ESAB approached Getfeedback to recommend and run a set of psychometric tests. ESAB tested and provided feedback to around 300 of their 8,000 employees worldwide. They now have instant access to an international talent pool resulting in improved global utilitisation, targeted training resources, improved succession planning and clear financial benefits to the organisation.

Recruiting the best minds in economics

Oxera Recruitment Case Study GFB

Getfeedback support Oxera, one Europe's leading independent economics consultancies to recruit the best economics graduates.

Using MyStrength to assess strengths and possible gaps

Recruitment Case Study GFB

Getfeedback were asked to partner with a growing consultancy to help them to assess the current strengths of their team and how these strengths could be best utilised to support their wider business development plans. We were also asked to look at where there may be any potential gaps in strengths and current behaviours, and how they could be developed moving forwards.

CarVal Investors: attracting the industry's best people

Assessment Centre Case Study GFB

At the start of 2019, Paul Holstead and Giulia Binon started a project to overhaul the CarVal approach to psychometric testing. They approached GFB to create and design the branded CarVal branded assessment portal and customised recruitment report.

Next steps?

Get in touch today and speak with one of our highly experience consultants to discuss you requirements and how we can support you getting started.

Partner Accounts for Consultancies

A number of clients we work with, use our secure online platform directly, with the right qualifications we can grant immediate access to hundreds of psychometric assessments you can use with your clients and cut out the middle man.

Our support service is included but you have the freedom to use the tests as and when your clients need them, giving you the flexibility to support your clients quickly and easily. We can also host any bespoke surveys and tools allowing you to develop and deliver tools designed by you to meet your clients needs.

Partner Case Studies

Using assessments to raise the standard of recruitment consulting

LinkTalent Partnership Case Study GFB

"It has become relatively easy to find candidates for clients - but the real challenge is identifying the candidates that can not only perform but excel in the role and so we've introduced a number of Getfeedback's questionnaires and tests and use their online system to manage this," says Charlie Jaggard of LinkTalent.

The Perfect Partnership: Growing capability in Ghana

Capability Trust Psychometric Partnership Case Study GFB

Capability Trust is a people and learning organisation, based in Ghana, which specialises in helping businesses create great workplaces and recruit and develop skilled and engaged talent. Through our Partner programme, Getfeedback have been supporting Capability Trust with a range of people measurement tools and services to support their client projects and help them to grow their already successful business.

Next steps?

Get in touch today and speak with one of our highly experience consultants to discuss you requirements and how we can support you getting started.

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