As assessment and data specials, GFB can provide solutions and tools to suit all people measurement requirements using our range of Psychometric assessments, 360 degree feedback and employee engagement surveys.

GFB was founded on its technology platform and we provide online services to some of the world’s most security conscious organisations. Our reputation for creating one of the most secure, flexible, high performing assessment platforms is something we are very proud of. We host psychometrics from SHL, Talent Lens, Hogan and many other leading publishers as well as having the expertise to support you in developing your own bespoke assessments.

Our assessment technology is used by some of the world’s largest test publishers and consultancies to host and deliver their online assessments to clients and partners. Our technology is proven to be secure, reliable, and capable of handling high loads of activity and is recognised by our clients as one of the most user-friendly systems on the market. GFB’s technical development team are highly experienced in developing bespoke, integrated, flexible and accurate assessments and surveys for our clients.

Psychometric assessments 360 degree feedback surveys Employee Engagement surveys
We host one of the widest ranges of psychometric assessments all available under one roof from publishers such as SHL, Talent Lens, Hogan and Talent Q. From Emotional intelligence, personality, motivation or ability we are confident we have something that will suit your organisation’s needs. We have designed and created a diverse range of off-the-shelf 360 degree feedback surveys using our reliable and validated competency framework, that are ready to use as and when you need them. They cover a variety of sectors and seniority levels and can be branded for your organisation. Our expert consultants can also work with you to create an entirely bespoke survey for your organisation. We've been designing and hosting engagement surveys for our clients since 2000, and our approach to measuring engagement is built around your organisation.
Dimensions Trait and Narrative Report Leader 360 Degree Feedback Survey GFB Employee Engagement Survey Report GFB
Find more information about the different psychometric assessments that might be right for your organisation. Find out more on all our 360 degree feedback surveys. Find out more about employee engagement surveys.

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