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SHL Job Specific Assessments

SHL Job Specific Assessments

Job Specific Solutions help you select quickly and cost-effectively for a range of contact centre and customer service/sales roles. These assessments are specifically designed to indicate which candidates have the required skills to perform in these types roles.

Job specific solutions provide you with information on how an individual is likely to perform in a realistic scenarios that they are likely to encounter on role. These online assessments provide candidates with a variety of sitiuations where they are required to react to situations including dealing with customers face to face or over the phone via virtual scenarios and select the appropriate course of action. These assessments also measure how well an individual can interact with common contact centre programs; dealing with multiple screens of information whilst handling customer requests.

As well as providing you with valuable information on a candidates ability, these realistic assessments also provide candidates with an insight into the nature of the role and the duties they are likely to be required to perform. This experience helps to improve retention rates for successful candidates as they will know what to expect from the role and candidates that find the tests challenging or unenjoyable are more likely to drop out of the process.


Varies per test​


Entry level roles​

Accreditation Requirement

No formal training required however a knowledge of assessments is beneficial​.

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