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SHL Essential Business Skills Assessments

SHL Essential Business Skills Assessments

Essential skills tests for clerical or business skills are ideal for entry-level roles where education or experience may be poor predictors of job performance. These online tools provide a quick and cost effective way of determining whether your candidates will have the basic skills required to do the job.

The Essential Business Skills portfolio have a broad range of assessments available and allow you measure a range of skills that are essential in the business environment but cannot be easily predicted by education history or through interview. These tests allow you to measure a candidates understanding of English and business vocabulary and their ability to communicate effectively via business letters and presentations.

Basic clerical skills such as checking, filing and data entry can also be assessed to ensure candidates have the required level of ability and attention to detail to be able to perform these tasks quickly and accurately.

A number of assessments are also available to assess whether candidates have the fundamental skills required to use a computer, including tests to determine a candidates ability with Microsoft office and project programs.


Business Essentials Skills assessments vary per test​


Entry level roles​

Accreditation Requirement

No formal training required however a knowledge of assessments is beneficial​.

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