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Numerical Data Interpretation Test (NDIT)

Numerical Data Interpretation Test (NDIT)

The Numerical Data Interpretation Test (NDIT™), previously named Athena, goes beyond a candidate's typical math skills to identify the ability to manipulate and interpret numerical information from reports, charts, tables, or dashboards.

Numerical reasoning is an important skill for many work settings including executive, managerial, supervisory, professional, sales, administrative, and technical roles across most industry sectors. A job analysis will identify what job duties require numerical reasoning. NDIT is appropriate for jobs where data interpretation is used frequently or on critical job tasks.

NDIT™ assesses numerical reasoning ability related to the interpretation and manipulation of the types of numerical data routinely encountered in the workplace. Specifically, NDIT measures the ability to:

- Correctly analyse and interpret numerical information presented in surveys, reports, charts, graphs, and dashboards
- Draw logical conclusions and correct inferences from numerical data
- Calculate values using basic arithmetic operators
- Work with percentages
- Identify when additional data is required to draw conclusions


Takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, 21 questions


Norms that include working adults, professionals/individual contributors, and global financial roles.

Accreditation Requirement

British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A accreditation or by GFB providing feedback on the report at an additional cost​.

Want to know more?

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