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Iris Situational Judgement Test

Iris Situational Judgement Test

IRIS Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) measure the way an individual is likely to react to certain situations. Candidates are asked to rate the appropriateness of possible responses in relevant work based scenarios.

IRIS Situational Judgement Tests can be used under unsupervised conditions at the selecting-in stage of recruitment. These assessments have been thoroughly and extensively researched to contain highly realistic tasks, scenarios and situations that are similar to those likely to be encountered in the role.

Each test contains 3 tasks within which there are a number of situations and scenarios.

There are 3 test versions available:

- Graduates and junior managers

- Customer service, call centre and administrative staff

- Sales staff

These tests are available for the private and public sectors.


20-40 minutes untimed​


Graduates, junior managers, customer service, call centre and administrative staff, and sales staff​.

Accreditation Requirement

No formal training required however a knowledge of assessments is beneficial​.

Want to know more?

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